Why I am a Culinarian

My life is absolutely food centric. From a very early age my family was involved with food in some way. My parents owed a restaurant in a small Colorado town. We served the kind of food that ranchers and their families wanted to eat. My uncle was the town’s butcher and on Saturday’s I followed my cousin around the corral as he killed, gutted, and got cows ready for aging in the meat locker. I hung out with my aunt as she made polenta, sauces, and every Easter the women in my family sat around a table and made hundreds of ravioli for the 60 or so relatives who would gather around a whole bunch of tables at my aunt’s for an after mass feast. Food, and love, brought us all together and I never forgot the feeling of all those wonderful dishes and the people who enjoyed them.

I didn’t do too much in the food world after leaving home at 18 to join the Army. When Uncle Sam sent me to Germany in 1975 I became a eater of all good things in many countries in Western Europe. Snails in Paris, Pizza in Naples, Pasta in Rome, Bread in Florence, Schnitzel and beer in too many German cities to name…… I taught myself to cook what I had been exposed to, and after too many years, finally decided to dedicate my life to making food for others. I went to culinary school. I’ve been a line cook and chef. Worked in BBQ joints, bars, and some of the best cafes in the Northwest. I like creating comfort food. Not just American, but Italian, Greek, Asian, and more. On these pages I will share my passions with you.


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