When You Have Cancer Healthy Eating Matters

With that in mind, yesterday I cooked black beans with onions, garlic, a dried red chile pod and bit of bacon fat. I whipped up a chopped salsa fresca with all standards, sans the jalapeno and used New Mexico red chile powder instead. Rice goes on the stove in a minute and there will be black bean burritos for dinner tonight…… It is widely believed that beans and rice are the prefect carb/protein combo and good for you.

This morning, I saw my copy of The New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook by Nancy Harmon Jenkins that has been sitting on my bookshelf since before cancer came to visit. I swore up and down that I would get to it, get to the new way of eating that might help me drop pounds, add healthy vitamins to my blood, and help with my overall feeling of well being.

Two years into my fight with cancer, I finally grabbed it off the shelf, blew off the dust and cracked the cover and started to read. I am going to try a Julia and Julie experiment and see if I can follow the diet and cook at least three recipes a week, while trying to work and being on chemo at the same time. I plan on writing about and sharing it will all of you, and the folks who follow the livestrong stream on Facebook.ImageImageImageImage

I know it will be a challenge, but I plan on carrying the book with me to work, and to leave it on my bedside table and make it, not some movie, my bedtime story.

Doubt there will be a book deal in this for me, but it really is not what I am going for. What I want is less fat on my body and more healthy food in my belly and hopefully less symptoms from my new style of chemo. 

Stay tuned….. First recipe is coming up tomorrow.




About jaicarney

I am a culinary artist, writer, dreamer and urban farmer dedicated to teaching people to eat and live well. I love my chickens, my garden, my friends, and this mother we call Earth.
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