Cooking: It’s not always about the kitchen

Sometimes you need to go outside, to someplace where you can find inspiration. For me, that usually means a farmer’s market. Yesterday, we took in the opening day of the Hillsdale Sunday Market. Not much yet in the way of vegetables, but Toyota was there with a program they are calling Farm To Table to promote their second generation Prius. They invite restaurants to make dishes from local, seasonal ingredients. Could not have found a better place for getting new ideas, and making my own creative juices flow.
Make a trip to your local farmer’s market, whole foods grocer, or farm stand and get your own inspiration for this abundant season.


About jaicarney

I am a culinary artist, writer, dreamer and urban farmer dedicated to teaching people to eat and live well. I love my chickens, my garden, my friends, and this mother we call Earth.
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