Starting Over

When you have a plan, and then that plan is put on hold so you can fight the cancer that has invaded your body, everything changes.

At a time when I thought I would still be traveling and writing and cooking, and meeting chefs around the country I was having surgeries, tests, chemo, scans, and biopsies.

At a time when I thought I would teaching people how to make healthy food in every style imaginable I was at home, trying to find enough energy between injections to do the dishes or dust.  Nothing in the last two years that I planned for happened.

Now that I am in remission, and getting back to being the me before I got sick, I find that my path is proving harder to follow. It will take more time for me to be ready to teach. I am still tired a lot of the time and I don’t yet have the physical stamina to work a full day or even a half.

So, for now… I build this site, cook for me and my friends, teach some one on one classes and work, slowly, to build up my body and my mind and to put all the pieces in place for a new kind of culinary career that will give me the joy I seek.


About jaicarney

I am a culinary artist, writer, dreamer and urban farmer dedicated to teaching people to eat and live well. I love my chickens, my garden, my friends, and this mother we call Earth.
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